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Early Psychosis;
The Cubase Users CD

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1.  In My Heart Rob Petti
2.  Het Wijntje Big Daddy P
3.  Heaven's Gate Jeff Paoletti
4.  Chant of Zanasca Trinka5
5.  Tršume Los (Dream On) Stefan Lahres/Jesolo
6.  To The Apple Tree Sean Mitchell
7.  N-O Jim Clark - See website
8.  Lullaby Pedro Monkeyfinger
9.  Loverture Part II Jim Leno
10.  Been Down Cresta - Produced by Kevin Paez
11.  All Over Again Arnaud Le Boulanger
12.  Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You Alfons Verreijt
13.  The Power Of Strife Jason Greenberg
14.  All Men GumB
15.  Saturant Jason Cella
16.  Urban Jungle Warped Noise/Colin Jones
17.  Diva Down Robert Bonnette

Some tracks were edited from original form in the interest of making a more complete demonstration.

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